Denmark shows best ad spend growth in the Nordics


IRM has now published the report ”The Nordic Advertising Market 2015” which depicts ad spend development in the Nordic markets during 2015. In Denmark, development has shifted from the negative gowth of the past couple years to an increase of 3.1% which is the highest growth rate in the Nordic region. 


Total ad spend in the Nordic region amounted to €9.1 billion, which corresponds to an increase of 1.2% adjusted for exchange rate effects. The result is that we can see improvement relative to the negative growth of preceding years. The Danish market has experienced a major turnaround from a decline of 2.0% in 2014 to an increase of 3.1% in 2015.


– Our forecasts indicated that the Danish market was going to show the strongest growth of the Nordics in 2015. As Denmark was the first Nordic country to enter into the structural shift from print to digital advertising channels, it is encouraging that development now is stonger in the Danish market, Madeleine Thor (Director of IRM) comments.

After a recordbeaking fourth quarter, the Swedish market showed postive growth of 2.8% in local currency during 2015, thus reaching a new all-time-high. Declines continued in Norway and Finland but lessened somewhat.



IRM has together with Danske Medier in Denmark and TNS-Gallup in Finland aggregated data concerning Nordic net ad spend. The report is English and covers 2011-2015. 25 pages. Price: 6 500 NOK. Buy it online