Increasing ad revenues across the Nordics

IRM has now published the report ”The Nordic Advertising Market 2018” which illustrates ad spend development in the Nordic markets during the past year.  During 2018, ad revenues increased across all four Nordic markets.  Aggregated Nordic advertising investment increased by 4.7% (fixed 2018 exchange rate) and amounted to €8.6 billion*.


In Sweden, the largest market with the largest growth impact, ad spend yet again showed a remarkably strong, broad growth when adjusted for exchange rate effects. The Norwegian market also showed strong growth driven primarily by internet advertising. Denmark and Finland both showed solid, positive growth of approximately 2%. Internet amounts to just over half of Nordic ad spend. In this report, IRM also provides a breakdown into three main subcategories: display (incl. video & social),search and directories & classifieds.


The Nordic Advertising Market 2018 is available for 5 900 DKK and contains information regarding ad spend and growth per media category and country in the Nordic region. The following categories are covered: newspapers, magazines, outdoor, TV, radio, cinema and internet (split into display, search and directories/classifieds). *Printed directories and direct mail have been excluded to simplify comparisons with international data. Time period: 2014-2018. 25 pages, in English. Purchase the report in IRM:s online store. 


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