About IRM

The IRM Institute for Advertising and Media Statistics collects, analyzes and publishes data about the advertising and media markets in the Nordic region. The reports and forecasts IRM publishes are a source of knowledge concerning trends, relationships and developments within advertising and media.


As an independent membership-based organisation, IRM is financed by members and customers on a non-profit basis. The main objective is to improve customers' background information for decision-making by providing continuous information for analytical work.


Services & Publications

IRMs main publications are listed below. Additional reports are published occasionally, for instance concerning specific media categories. IRM also acts as a consultant firm providing reports and presentations customized to suit the purposes of individual clients. 

  • Swedish Advertising Market Annual Report
  • Norweigian Advertising Market Annual Report
  • Quarterly reports
  • Advertising Expenditure Forecasts for Sweden, Norway & Denmark
  • Nordic Advertising Market
  • International Advertising Market
  • Newsletters


 Quarterly reports include the following media groups:

  • Newspapers
  • Freely distributed papers and magazines
  • Consumer magazines
  • Professional and business magazines
  • Inserts
  • Directories
  • Direct mail
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Cinema
  • Internet advertising
  • Outdoor
  • In-store advertising
  • Event marketing


In addition to the media groups above, annual reports also include trade fairs, business gifts, sponsorship, event marketing etc. Annual summaries of marketing investment in Sweden and Norway are available on the website.


Statistics and forecasts are available through annual subscriptions. Reports may also be purchased individually. At present, IRM publishes three reports annually in English, all reports have a summary in English. Please visit our online shop here.



For further general information or quotes on client specific reports and presentations please call +46-8-663 04 90 or send an e-mail to info(at)